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Imagine having your healthcare provider and your care plan at your fingertips right when you need them - whether you forgot to take your medication, need a reminder on your rehabilitation exercise, or have unexpected pain. You could access answers, personalized follow-up and guidance immediately. You would get concise, effective treatment management and a higher quality of life, all while reducing healthcare costs.

Introducing Altus Care - a precision compliance platform that improves the patient-provider interaction by helping both sides simultaneously.


“Patients remembered only 14% of the information when given verbally after surgery.”
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Patients receive the clear, empathetic and holistic care they deserve around- the- clock. They are given automated, condition-specific tasks, and easy access to relevant information.

Healthcare Providers

We enable healthcare providers to prescribe best practice digital care, rehab & treatment plans including all the components related to outpatient disease management. Along with cutting edge technology that advises you whether patients are adhering to your treatment or care plan, you can modify these plans to suit the individual needs of your patient.

  • around the clock<br>medical care

    around the clock
    medical care

  • clear, empathetic<br>& holistic

    clear, empathetic
    & holistic

  • automated &<br>condition-specific

    automated &

  • easy access<br>to information

    easy access
    to information

The Altus Care Team

Trained physicians, the founding executives of Area9 have a deep knowledge about brain science and experience from more than 20 years of research in human factors and adaptive learning. Consequently, they have profound respect for the complexity of individual differences in how people learn and behave.

Patient adherence is better understood through this lens, which allows for an approach to health care that is customized to each individual. There is no a “one size fits all” solution to achieving good health. Altus Care, a new project under Area9 Innovation, acts on this insight to maintain health in an improved, convenient and effective way.

Meet the Team

The Platform

Altus is a Latin word meaning “high, deep, noble or profound” which we use because Altus Care provides the highest standard of care to patients.
Profound Care

1. Profound Care

The platform is equipped with technology that indicates to health providers if their patients are adhering to their plans, and further allows them to deliver treatment tasks based on the individual needs of their patient. These tasks are given in small increments so as to not overwhelm the patient with a complex long term plan.

Profound Care

2. Pioneering Precision Compliance

Precision Compliance is a new concept in medical care management that brings the right evidence-based instructions and the right care to the patient at the right time. It enlists the patient as an equal partner in their healthcare management, and empowers them to be able to follow the recommendation of their healthcare provider, even in a rapidly changing or complex environment. Altus Care allows for health providers to proactively track their patient’s condition, and identifies markers signaling an impending problem. The word precision is used because we pinpoint these markers and have ample resources to address them before it affects the patient’s health.

Pioneering Precision Compliance

3. Active Engagement

Altus Care prides itself in providing outcome driven care using an active engagement system, combining the power of technology with the care of health providers. It has been proven that active interaction with patients – that is, asking questions, getting input, having them be a part of their own healthcare – not only accelerates the healing process but also makes it more effective and reduces patient anxiety. Hence it is crucial for patients to mutually set their healthcare goals with their providers. This helps lead to behaviour change, which is how Altus Care helps patients reach their outcomes.

Active Engagement

4. How Do We Manage Symptoms?

Altus Care enhances the one-on-one interaction between patient and health provider with accessible features such as chats and video demos of exercises. Altus Care tracks symptoms through a series of questions and alerts when the patient is at risk of treatment failure, early relapse or hospital admission. That’s when Altus or the health provider sends push notifications as reminders to stay on top of your recovery and provides truly personalized follow-up. It provides proactive management of the patient’s condition wherever they are, without losing the compassionate touch of a caregiver.

How Do We Manage Symptoms?

Is This For You?

Use Altus Care to identify individual patients in need of earlier intervention or other preventive measures to improve patient care and resource utilization.


Personalized health care right at your fingertips

Too often patients do not have a way to communicate with their providers outside of their office. Altus Care is downloaded directly onto the patient’s smartphone so they can communicate with their provider at their convenience. If the patient is doing better or worse than anticipated, the provider is able to modify the care plan to suit the individual needs of their patient. Fully equipped with medication logs and an easy to follow schedule, Altus Care enables the patient to have a holistic recovery from the comfort of their own home.

Care Providers

Care Providers

Altus Care enables you to know when a patient is at risk of failure - by not adhering to a plan, being on the brink of readmission, or hospitalization. It is possible to measure if treatment plans are improving, stabilizing, or worsening a patient’s health status, and make appropriate modifications based on this information. A unique feature is the ability to identify small daily windows of opportunity when the chance to influence patient compliance is highest. While Altus Care is not eliminating face to face interaction with your patient, it allows for their visits to be less frequent and more efficient, optimizing the recovery of the patient in a convenient way.



Altus Care is a platform that drives better patient outcomes. The recovery process of each individual is expedited, lowering costs and increasing patient satisfaction with improved quality of life. This platform aims to reduce healthcare costs by identifying and addressing the reasons for avoidable hospital readmission through disease management and outcome optimization. Altus Care is designed to avoid patient non-compliance with treatment plans that you are paying for.



Pharmaceutical and Medical Tech companies can partner with health organizations to simultaneously support their missions, health systems and societies: to get most out of every dollar spent on healthcare. It is known that lifestyle changes benefit everyone. With Altus Care’s capacity to track adherence to medication regimes, we are enhancing the recovery experience for the patient whilst lowering costs for you.


We work closely with partners all over the world. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing a partnership with us. We welcome everyone.

Nordic Netcare

Nordic Netcare is a healthcare service company that has partnered with Altus Care. Customers are contacted and provided with support to carry out the behavior change that characterizes recovery. Using a combination of experience, communication with the patient and the data collected from Altus Care, Nordic Netcare allows health providers to optimize patient care by knowing their progress to prescribed treatment plans. Furthermore, taking patient preferences into account, health staff at Nordic Netcare are in touch at least once a week, with more proactive contact if a patient has not completed a critical task in a defined 48 hour window.

Nordic Netcare delivers profitable health by reducing expenses both for private customers, businesses and insurance companies. By combining human expertise and the digital automation of appropriate processes, resources are optimized. In each course of treatment, quality rather than quantity is prioritized so that both financial and personal costs are reduced for the individual.

Nordic Netcare provides the communication layer between the health provider and patient, and have seen promising results in combining the human touch with Altus Care data insights. People are getting back to work faster and are healthier!

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Meet the team that is dedicated to you.

Our team consists of physicians who have the knowledge, experience and medical insight needed to understand condition management, and computer scientists with the required technical skills and experience needed to design a superior platform.

Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD

Dr. Christensen is recognized worldwide as an expert in learning technology. He has pioneered adaptive learning, data-driven content development, simulation and debriefing technologies. He is responsible for the strategy of Area9 Group’s businesses, that span from purpose-built platforms for optimization of business processes for large corporations over digital product design to corporate training based on intelligent, adaptive learning.

He founded his first company, Sophus Medical, in 1997 while still in medical school. Sophus Medical was acquired by Laerdal Medical in 2002. Dr. Christensen was responsible for Laerdal’s global learning technologies initiatives from 2002–2006. Dr. Christensen co-founded Area9 Group in 2006, which has been at the forefront of adaptive and personalized learning with more than 1500 adaptive learning products based on the Area9 technologies and millions of students using the systems every semester. Area9 Education was sold to McGraw-Hill Education in 2014 and Area9 Learning was established to focus on adaptive learning in corporate and organizational environments.

Dr. Christensen was part of the McGraw-Hill Higher Education leadership team from 2011 to 2014 and the MHE Executive Leadership Team from February 2014 to 2016, where he stepped down to focus on the rapidly growing Area9 Innovation and Area9 Learning enterprises.

He is currently the chairman of Altus Care (precision compliance software platform). He is also on several other boards. In 2017, Dr. Christensen was appointed entrepreneur in residence at the new translational accelerator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital-Harvard Medical School.

Precision medicine is much more than highly specific, new molecules.

Dr. Khurram Jamil, MD

After earning his medical degree at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark in 2002, Dr. Jamil chose to advance healthcare outside the clinical arena through the development of novel educational software at Sophus Laerdal — first with Combat Medic Training for the U.S. Department of Defense, and then with revolutionary simulators for the American Heart Association (HeartCode ACLS & PALS). He co-founded Area9 in 2006 to evolve and expand these concepts beyond healthcare, culminating with the sale of Area9’s educational business to McGraw-Hill Education in 2014. Over his 18 years of entrepreneurial experience he has lead dozens of teams of medical professionals and educational scientists, led large business development and partnership efforts, and managed multi-million dollar software development projects.

Besides the role as interim CEO of Altus Care, Dr. Jamil oversees Area9 Learning’s content development team creating materials at all levels of education, heading partnerships with such organizations as the NEJM Group - whose flagship is the New England Journal of Medicine.

Artificial Intelligence is artificial. We need real humans to solve today's healthcare challenges. We try to do this by leveraging the synergy between humans and technology.

Teddy Jacobsen

Teddy co-founded Nordic Netcare in 2003, pursuing quality in large scale health-care. He was part of a specialist team, leading a physio/rehab expansion of a large doctor polyclinic service in Dubai. 

His expertise has led to international role setting physio-standards in the Nordics. He’s tirelessly lead the expansion of NNC from a single clinic in Copenhagen to a leading healthcare network spanning Northern Europe. 

Motivating our customers to active self-management, is the key to successful rehab

Asger Alstrup Palm

Mr. Palm was an early pioneer of high-performance, agile programming. He is a specialist in translating computer science from the cutting edge academic environments to the solutions that address real commercially viable needs.

Mr. Palm is a co-founder of Area9 and has been part of the current leadership team since the owners’ first company (which he was a co-owner of) where he joined the team in 1998.

Mr. Palm and his second-in-command, Mr. Tommy Olesen and co-founder of Area9, have built a unique team of high performance software architects. Their computer scientist recruitment tests are considered amongst the hardest in the industry.

Technology will take us very far, but combined with humans we will make giant leaps for healthcare.

Dr. Marc Berg, MD

Dr. Berg is an internationally recognized and respected clinician, scientist and educator. He serves as Professor of Clinical Pediatrics (Critical Care) at Stanford University and Medical Director of the REVIVE Initiative in Resuscitation Excellence at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. He has published nearly 40 manuscripts in over 20 years of academic medicine, primarily in critical care, resuscitation and CPR performance. In teaching, he led the 2010 American Heart Association Emergency Cardiac Care Pediatric Subcommittee in producing Guidelines for Pediatric Resuscitation and the PALS and PEARS courses, taken by millions of students worldwide. Dr. Berg was a founding member of the University of Arizona Health Network (UAHN) Board of Directors, responsible for a 1 billion dollar per year enterprise with 6000 employees, a health plan, 2 hospitals and a physician group of nearly 500 doctors. He has served the citizens of Arizona as a member of the Arizona Medical Board responsible for licensure and regulation of 20,000 physicians.

Dr. Berg has been with Area9 since its creation and is currently Chief Clinical Advisor for the Area9 Group. He has participated in the inception, design and creation of multiple Area9 projects in medicine and healthcare.

Ultimately, the patient just wants to heal and live life as well as possible. Altus Care is there for them to help make these goals a reality.


Andrey Chigarov

Head of Development - Product Owner

Andrey graduated in Information technologies from Kazan State Technical University in 2011. He has been working in software development since 2009, and specializes in project management.

Before joining the Area9 team, Andrey has been working as an IT business analyst and project manager since 2011. His past work has centered around corporate, government and banking software.

Diversity and cross-disciplinary talent is key to a high-performance team
Svetlana Polukhina

Svetlana Polukhina

Senior QA Engineer

Svetlana holds a university degree in Applied Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University. After graduation, she developed software for CNC-machining (Assembler, PDP11). After this, Svetlana became interested in quality assurance and software testing. Since then, she gained more than 20 years of experience in this field, including leading QA teams of up to 15 members. She has also collaborated with distributed development teams and is interested in projects related to e-learning and healthcare.

Marina Maltseva

Marina Maltseva

QA Engineer

Marina graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications in 1984 with a Telecommunications Engineer degree. Marina started her career as an engineer for setup and maintenance of automatic telephone exchange. Since 2010, she has worked as a test engineer for communication devices. Post 2015, Marina has worked as a software tester in projects related to education and health.

Oleksii Karliuchenko

Oleksii Karliuchenko

Tech Lead

Oleksii has worked as a developer at Area9 since 2014. He specializes in cryptography, banking technologies, mathematics and geometry. He graduated from the National Technology University of Ukraine in 2006. Since 2003, he has worked in IT as a system administrator, developer, project manager and head of the development department. Oleksii has a passion for solving complex tasks and has been organizing puzzle competitions for children in Kiev since 2005.

Kseniia Novoskoltseva

Kseniia Novoskoltseva

Software Engineer

Kseniia has always had a passion for programming since she studied it at National Taras Shevchenko University where she studied software engineering. Kseniia participated actively in the National Olympiad in Informatics while she was there. She has been working as developer since 2014.

Ivan Yesakov

Ivan Yesakov

Software Engineer

Ivan graduated in Software Systems Master's program from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine and has been working in software development since 2013. He then moved on to focusing on Java back-end and C++ computer algorithms development. Currently, he works as a software engineer for Area9.

Maxim Leontev

Maxim Leontev

Software Engineer

Maxim graduated in higher mathematics from Irkutsk State University, He has extensive experience in high-quality software development for embedded, desktop and web-based applications with 15+ years of experience as a programmer. Maxim wrote software during his career in the Special Design Bureau of Electric Instruments Engineering. Before joining Area9 in 2016, Maxim was programming in C/C++ for Windows and embedded devices. He also specializes in pairing software and hardware systems in various ways.

Sara Malik

Sara Malik

Communications Manager

Sara is a cross-disciplinary writer specializing in communications and creative strategy. She has written for a variety of international publications, ranging from Bullett and Elle to Post working at Versace and Zac Posen in public relations, her work direction spanned a diverse array of subjects, from interviewing notable ‘green’ designer Stella McCartney to penning political pieces covering controversial matters. She went on to work as studio director for Ole Lund on campaigns for international enterprises. Following that, she conceptualized campaigns and social media for Macy’s private label millennial brands for several years. Currently, she uses her collective knowledge and experience to manage and develop projects with Area9, including Altus Care.

Evgenya Polyakova

Evgenya Polyakova

UI/UX designer

Evgenya graduated in Informatics and Analysis from St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 2006. She has 10 years of experience in UI design and 12 years in IT. She also has a vast analytical background and always promotes structured and well-weighted approaches. She specializes in web-based and mobile user interface design regarding projects related to healthcare and fitness. Evgenya works on developing the look and feel of Altus Care.

Sune Hansen

Sune Hansen

Graphic designer

Sune has been a part of the Area9 team since 2010, which makes him one of the veterans of the company. Sune started his career within the world of the visuals, as a sign writer apprentice back in 2001. Realizing that the joy of designing surpassed the actual artisanal execution, he applied the education as a Graphic Designer, at the Danish School of Graphic Communication, from which he graduated in 2008.

Sune was brought to Area9 to provide visual UI guidance to the team of programmers working on various educational projects, which for years has been the focus of his work. With the creation of Area9 Design Sune is in close collaboration with The head of Area9’s design department - Ole Lund and the rest of the team of designers.



For Patients and Health Providers needing support on Altus Care:

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